I don't remember where I was walking that day as I left out of the school's doors. Was I going to 30th street? Maybe Liberty Place...not sure which, but it was one of those two. It wasn't cold I know that for I can picture myself being bundled up in one of my many jackets but being a bit warm. Not sure if there was wind but there was a chill. I remember clearly though walking beside my best friend Evett chatting about something that seemed to be of the most importance. We walked together chatting passing the parking lot then heading under the first bridge. It had either snowed or rained before for there where icicles hanging down varying in sizes. Some were breaking, some dripping but I payed them no mind.

 We fished walking from under the one bride then were under the next. Across the street we heard one fall and looked over. It was quiet loud but we brushed it off and kept talking. One of us cracked a joke about something and began laughing. We were almost out from under the bridge. What happened next I remembered clearly. I suddenly felt strength tugging me backwards. My eyes were opened wide in shock then I looked over my shoulder as Zach cheerily said hi. Before I got any words out I heard a loud close by crack. I looked back to the spot where I was about to step before Zach stopped me. A giant icicle (and by giant I mean it had be be almost a 4th my size or so) snapped and quickly fell with force into the spot where I would have been. It was like time slowed a bit as I watched it break, the pieces of ice spraying out. In my head I thought of how scary it was that fell, how hurt I would have been if it hit me and how glad I was Zach did something really goofy.