Identity and Belonging Podcast

My goal for this project was to make an interesting podcast that shows how religion can be incorporated into a person’s identity. Though my podcast is different from my essay, it still shows the different things that add onto a person’s identity. SInce I had 45 minutes worth of raw footage, it took awhile to cut and edit everything down into an eight minute podcast.

While working on the podcast, there were plenty of pauses in the audio that took most of the editing time. Also cutting the story in places that made sense that still kept the flow was a bit hard. During the interview process, preparing enough questions to get 45 minutes was also hard to do so most of my questions came based off of what my interviewee said.

Comments (2)

Liliana Guercio (Student 2017)
Liliana Guercio

I love how you did this!Your music really fits well with your podcast. Your podcast had a really nice flow to it as well. Overall you did an amazing with this and your podcast was very interesting.