I do not have an Ilp but I have some interesting Ideas, I have been thinking about working for my Mom and learning about what she does for a living such as learning different techniques about massages and being a chiropractor. I also want to learn more about healthy eating from my mom and how to get people to get on the right track to healthy eating. ​


  • When are you meeting with Jeremy?
  • I have met with Jeremy last week and left a gmail when a group of kids were there in the Sla Cafe  
  • What have you been doing to set one up?
  • I have been negotiating with my mom about what things we can discuss about while I learn by simple examples
  • What got in the way (be careful how you word this) of having one on time?
  • I've been very confused on who to tell before the beginning of the year. During the summer. 
  • Add what you think is important.
  • I think it's important for all of us to have an Ilp so every Wedesday all of us can learn new things and experience new things on what to to in real life.