ILP 3.31.16

So far I have been enjoying and progressing with my ILP very well. I no longer have to commute to and from places because my ILP is at school which is very nice. So far, we have most of the schedule for the club ironed out, we will start with graphic design in a digital format and then slowly work or way bigger with industrial and then maybe even city planning. All of this will educate and enhance the life experience of the students who join our club. We are also working on how to begin the club, trying to organize the right activity and how to make sure the club feels fun and loose, not like a class and super structured. Another thing we are working on for the ILP is a logo for challenge week and that is also going well. Right now we have three solid ideas and are trying to improve and refine those designs, as well as make sure they show both community service and Philadelphia.