ILP Blog Post

So far in ILP, I am getting used to being a positive role model for the younger kids that I am around when at my old school. I am a big helper with a organization that is called “PlayWorks”. PlayWorks is an organization that sends PlayWork workers to different school throughout who helps with the active part of the children’s day. Letting the kids get a break from class and come outside and have fun. Play games, laugh, run around but most importantly learn how to do all that in a mature manner. Helping the kids play safe is the key. A lot of the children I work with look up to me since I’m older. They watch how I act and I see some even try to copy the things I do so I have to make sure I set a positive image for the younger kids to follow. Also, many of them remember me because I use to attend this school throughout K-8, also I have many family and friends that live around the neighborhood. It’s been a great experience volunteering at my old school and I look forward to go have fun with my old family at Kearny every Wednesday!