ILP blog post Keith Hodge

Hello everyone well my ILP is the same as the last time The Franklin Institute. First of all it is working out well everyone is so nice to me and they really have brought me in as a member of their TFI family. I have also received my TFI ID which I can use to go anywhere and just to name a few the basement (volunteer area) 5th,3rd floor and I can get into any traveling exhibit. Another cool thing I was able to do was create a scavenger hunt for the freshman which is in the comments if you would like to complete it for yourself. And lastly another thing I was able to do this year was go to the annual TFI Christmas party which was cool and also able to see my favorite scientist ever Bill Nye the science guy.

So overall I have a really cool ILP

P.s: Please feel free to ask any questions or comments about the scavenger hunt below.

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