Imani's Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

1. What surprised me most about this information was that although there were many deaths that occurred throughout history due to raids, large accidents, and even just natural deaths, the population of the U.S continued to increase. Even the immigration rate increased at some points but only when colleges opened or laws were passed. But when the U.S were going through their darkest times the immigration stayed low. 

2. I think the immigration rate will decrease again due to the fact that our economy is having major issues and the immigrates came to the U.S to have more opportunities but they won't get that opportunity if the U.S can not even support its own people. People who want to immigrate over will recognize it and would decide that they would rather stay in their own country. 

3. I wasn't entirely sure how to present my information without being extremely wordy since I found many reasons as to why the immigration rate was changing. So making a bar graph to compare the population rate of the U.S to the immigration rate seemed like a pretty good idea without using any words because it's easy to see the difference.

4. We weren't really sharing a lot of ideas on how to present our information. It would have probably been better if we all did our work at the same time so that we could know what we were working with instead of working on our project while still getting information. 

5. If I had the chance to do this project over I would probably add words to my project since the graphs we made don't seem to explain why the rates were changing. So maybe making a picture or collage with the dates in each picture would have helped to explain why things were changing. 

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Margaret Long (Student 2013)
Margaret Long

The numbers on your chart, have little other numbers that are weird. That may just be the chart you used, but it is a little distracting. I loved that you wrote full paragraphs for your questions. I feel the same way with your question number 1. I think the chart could have been organized better because it was difficult to see your color coding on the left.