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I just made it about me I knew everything about me and I knew what things were interesting and what things weren’t interesting. I took things people did know and what people didn’t know. I just wanted my slide to explain to you guys what I like who I am and what you should know about me. I am not like other people and no one is so I just thought it would be best to put everything that people would want to know and what people are curious about. I am funny, cool, out going, and serious. I don’t care about what people think about me and how people perceive me because regardless of what people think I am going to be me. The reason why I put the pictures is to give you a visualization of who I am and what I mean when I say certain things. I made things bigger than others because I would want someone to know this thing before this other thing. I just wanted to show you how I stand out as me. I didn’t just make it about my identity but also about what I like to do.

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