Immigration Project Overview - Trosario

  • What surprised you most about this information?  What seemed quite obvious about explaining this data set? When there were major ups or downs in the immigration is was usually do to things we learned in school. What was surprising was some of the reasons for slight changes.

  • Looking at the overall trend and incorporating what you know about the US presently, predict and defend the immigration trend for the next two decades. To keep a stable immigration trend there would be a need for no war or depressions, but also no extreme changes in other ways. So instead of a push and/or pull it would be still and un-moving

  • Describe how you made a decision on how to visually represent the information. After viewing multiple choices our group found prezi the most interesting and more of a fun way to piece the project together.

  • What parts of group work were challenging? Having all of our work done, splitting them up evenly, and sharing thing with others when necessary.

  • What would you do differently if you had this project to do over? I would have added more pictured and videos, but I think that as a group the project was an over-all completion and a piece of work to be proud about.