Immigration Visualization Project- Reflection

    • When finding out the history between the US and it's immigration, most things seemed to make sense besides one thing. The period between 1881-1890 (note: I realized that I made a mistake for this date on the project) . While it was a huge immigration boom during this period, I found the Chinese Exclusion Act was also established during this same decade. So, I'm still confused as to why the immigrant numbers increased so greatly. Some obvious increases and decreases were things like The Industrial Revolution, and The Great Depression (which are great points that show extreme disparities between immigrant numbers in the US history.) As for my prediction of the US numbers of Immigrants for the next two decades, I don't find that to be the easiest thing to predict. My reason for that is  because of the current economic state of the US, which is still in it's stages of pending effort to create more jobs, and to not add more to our deficit. Then again, we are still the most developed nation in the world, and I can imagine other millions of people wanting to come here for the opportunities as well. Not to mention, the number of immigrants that come would have to do with the nations that they are leaving from. The US would be flooded with immigrants if a nation perhaps has some sort of natural disaster, or fall in government. But overall, over the next two decades because the world is advancing more (could be in negative or positive ways) I could see 4 or 5 millions of people more than the previous decade coming over. As a group, we made our decision to to present the information similar to graph style but with a twist simply because of our inability to come up with something else more creative, but could also could be done within a certain span of time. But in the end, we decided to represent each decade as a building in a city and  the title of each building has historical significance to the events of the decade that affect US immigration numbers (it's on paper by the way). Some parts of the group that were challenging was really finding the time to work on it together besides in class. Also, we weren't always on the same page, or we always were. If I could do this project over, I would definitely go with one our first ideas because they would've been more visually appealing, albeit more time consuming.