Immigration Visualization Project - Reflection

So, our project is on paper, we didn't have it digitally.

What surprised me the most during this project was that we were searching like the immigration rates during different decades and I realized that there were dramatic difference during the decades based on what happened on the decade before. If something bad happened in the Americas, the immigrated decreased like multiple times and when nothing bad or good happened, the immigration increased gradually so there weren't any trend or pattern on the data. Looking at the data, you'll understand why America's so diverse because there are people coming from all over the world every year.

So like I previously stated, our project is on paper. We decided to use paper because we were planning to create models on google sketchup or use technology to represent the data but we were running out of time. One thing that was challenging for our group work was that we didn't get to work together outside school because it was a paper and only one person could edit it. But we worked together on gathering information on google doc. If we were to do this project again, I'd use something like google presentation where everyone in our group can edit. However, at the end of the day, I'm proud of our work.