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The data set wasn't really surprising in the 19 hundreds because i already knew the major events that would push and pull people from immigrating. I would say that my time period 1820 -1880  i didn't know much , except like the civil war . It was quite interesting to find out how many epidemics happen and wars happened that America had no part in . I feel as though immigration will actually decrease because we don't really have much to offer anyone who does immigrate . Our economy is terrible , 14 million people are unemployed. I wouldn't come into such a quagmire , it could get better in the next 20 years but it could worsen . 
At first my group was going to do a story book , but then you clarified specially what you were looking for and the story book wasn't the right way to go . It had too many words and not enough visual. Then we decided to do a prezi because we liked the effects it offered and we had many ideas . So we decided to put our words on the immigration graph , when it is zoomed in you can see the events that lead to the amount. It was challenging to combine our work  and come up with an idea at first because jessica didn't know how to use a prezi and then we had to figure out every little detail. I would do more of a visual graph with pictures and more facts/research. 

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Paige Wayman (Student 2013)
Paige Wayman

I thought your project was fantastic. It was precise, neat, in order, I knew exactly everything that had happened in each year, which is good. I loved how you kept the original graph of the amount of immigrants that came into the U.S. and inside them you put the events. which I thought that was an awsome idea. Great job you guys.