Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

What surprised me most about this information was how drastically the happenings in both the US and other countries could affect the immigration rate. The things that were really obvious when explaining the data set were when there were wars in different countries, the immigration rates shot up and when the US was involved in the war, they usually went down and also when there were famines or other things that obviously negatively affected the people in a different country, the immigration rates would shoot up again. In the next two decades I expect the immigration rates to be lower because of the economical situation and how easily the situation can be displayed on websites that are very popular. If people in other countries can see that we're going through an economical crisis they will also be able to see how high the unemployment rate is and how many different governmental budget cuts we are going through and they might not want to come to a country going through such hardship. 

At first we were going to do a storybook type thing, but then when the instructions were clarified and we saw we had to display the events and the data, we decided to do a prezi because we could show the overall graph and put more detailed information inside it. The most challenging parts of the group work were finding a way to collaborate on the different websites. Some sites only allowed one person to work on it, so instead of all of us working on it together, at the same time, we had to take it in shifts. On prezi we had found a way to collaborate, but it took us some time to get used to it. I think if I had to do this project over, I would find a way to make it more creative or colorful or something. To me, it's a bit dry, but it's informative. We wanted to add pictures and maybe video to it, but we were short on time.

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The interaction of the project is great, however, reading fact after fact didn't help me to memorize anything that happened, because the only visually appealing thing were the dates.