Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

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What surprised me most about the information my group found on immigration is just the overall trend of the immigration rate. I had no clue that the amount of people coming into the country was so inconsistent. By learning this information I feel more conscience about how the things that are going on around us effects everybody. However, it was obvious that during war the immigration rate would go down because America would want to keep a tighter leash on who can come in and out our country.

I feel like if the economy continues to worsen the immigration rate will go down. Either people will choose not to come to America or the government will be more strict about who's coming in.

As a group we decided that we wanted to create a graph similar to the one Ms. Laufenberg had given us, but instead we wanted it to be more visual. We chose to get pictures that best depicted the different circumstances that the world, more specifically America, was going through at the time. We feel like it gets the message across about what happened, and what the immigration rate was that decade in comparison to the years before and after. 

The most challenging part about the group work was the technology issues we had. For a period of time, several people in our group had tech related issues. This delayed the process slightly considering that most groups had 3 functioning computers to work on, and our group had one for a short period of time. It also harder to get work done when someone in the group doesn't participate or put in as much effort as the other members in the group. Aside from that the group work went pretty well.

If I were to do this project over I would probably try and find an even better way to represent the information that we found. I feel like the way we chose was pretty basic, and could have been a tad more creative. 

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Paige Wayman (Student 2013)
Paige Wayman

I love the format in which you decided to do your project on. I like how you show the picture, and then it goes to the dates, showing each event for each time period. I thought this was well designed. Good JOB!