Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

What surprised me the most about this information was that there was a lot of different reasons for the immigration rates throughout the years of American history. What's quite obvious was there were a lot of hardships in other countries causing them to flee to a better country that could provide money, jobs, and education which was America. Though there were problems within America itself there were not as much immigrants arriving but there were always some for each decade.

Many ups and downs occurred in the numbers of immigrants arriving to America, but there are also many push and pull factors. With our the recession currently going on in America the trend expresses that we may go down due to the recession, job cuts more than ever before.

My group and I had a difficult time of picking the best way to present our information visually. We eventually decided to do Prezi because it is an easy layout and very fun to do. The most difficult part of the group work was including all different pictures and everyones separate part of decades into one project. There is nothing I would like to change with my project because I am very happy with my final product.

Comments (3)

Sam Lovett-Perkins (Student 2013)
Sam Lovett-Perkins

I like how you organized your prezi. I think the way you did it shows you understood how the your presentation style is formatted. I liked the visual pictures and how they clearly represent the event your referring too. I think for future considerations you could have made a path just to spice it up but over all it's great presentation.


I clearly see the effort and thought put into the project. Scrolling with it really allowed me to interact with the project, which was nice.