Immigration Visualization Project Submission

My group decided to do a project by hand, instead of doing it as a powerpoint or a project on the computer.  We intended to draw walls with groups of people climbing over them.  Each group would be holding a flag with the amount of of immigrants migrated into the US in that time period, and then on the walls we wrote what happened to cause them to come to America.

  • What surprised you most about this information?  What seemed quite obvious about explaining this data set?

    I was most surprised about the reasons people in the US didn't want them in American and all the things they said, and how the felt about the other people, especially the Asians during the period when they were all banned to enter the US.  It seemed very obvious that when the government decided to tell them they couldn't enter America, that's when a lot more Asians began to enter.

  • Looking at the overall trend and incorporating what you know about the US presently, predict and defend the immigration trend for the next two decades.

    I feel that it will continue, it may slow down a little though due to the economy and the recession that everyones in at the moment, but when, and if we ever get out of this recession and get back on our feet, i'm pretty sure that it will increase.  

  • Describe how you made a decision on how to visually represent the information.
    We all felt that since Kamilah is a talented drawer, and everyone was doing something on the computer, we could be different and use our strengths.

  • What parts of group work were challenging?

    Figuring out how everyone could contribute was a little hard, but after we figured that out, the hardest part was the drawing for me because im a very terrible artist, that's why i said we "intended to draw walls" for some reason i couldn't draw the walls correctly so we switched them to books, but the drawing was simply the hardest part to me.

  • What would you do differently if you had this project to do over?

    I'd work on my drawing so that we could've stuck to the plan so that they would look like walls, instead of books, but other then that, nothing, overall i thought the project was pretty good.