​         As a 9th grader, I feel that my portfolio says that I have a lot of potential when focusing on my work. To me this is a great thing, also, when I get older and more knowledgeable, I could look back at the hard work that I was able to do in the 9th grade and look at what I could do now. When viewers see my work, they are supposed to “get” that my work shows that I strive for the best and work my hardest to get the best grade possible.

         I consider my strengths in English to be spelling and comprehending. My weakness is presenting my work, the reason why is, when all eyes are on me I sometimes get the Tinker bellies, butterflies, stage fright there are many names for it. I would still want to work on presenting in front of a big crowd. I really do not like that feeling I get inside when I am presenting. I want it to go away and the only way to get that out of me is by facing my fears and practice presenting in front of many people.

         The experience I had when making this portfolio is, when looking at the work I did in the beginning of the school year, I realized that I could have made certain changes in the way I said things and the words I used. Therefore, it was just amazing how when I looked back at what I did, since I have been learning new words, I changed it to the words the words that I learned this school year.

         The piece I am most proud of is my Me Magazine. The reason why is, it is colorful, beautiful, and full of what I love and me. It describes me and what I am made of and it also shows my creativity; also because it shows how much hard work pays off. Even if you do not read it, you can tell that I still worked hard on it because of the designs, and pictures, and the advertisements.