Is immigration affecting the United States

Hi, I am Alina Seing ,and as you can see from my previous blog post  I talked about the situations that was happening to immigrants. Also during my first blog post I talked about the pros and cons about immigration and how immigration affect people’s lives and the work that they provide. This is very important because in my interview with Simon and Sarah, they talked about how their are an immigrant and how they came into the United States. If you want to learn about the situation about immigration read my first blog post for more information about immigration.

Being an immigrant is very hard for them because they are transitioning from one country to another to find a better lifestyle and better education. In different countries the educations are different and money wages are different as well jobs. Many people who are a U.S citizen fear for the immigrants because they are afraid that the immigrants will destroy the economy. For more information about immigration, check out this website to learn more about why immigration  is illegal.

During Simon’s interview, I asked him about his experience of being an immigrant. Simon said that being an immigrant is hard because he was born and raised in France and coming to the United is hard because he don’t know how to speak english and people were making fun of him because he was speaking a different language. To see the full conversation please read this.

During Sarah’s interview, she had the least experience of being an immigrant because she came the the United States at the age of three. She said that her family came to the United States to have better education and more money. Another thing is that in Vietnam, there were a lot of poor people and there wasn’t a lot of education and schools for children to learn. She is a U.S citizen because her father is a U.S citizen. For more information about Sarah’s immigration please read this.

For more information about immigration, please read my annotated bibliography.