Is Racial Identity that important?


As we are living into today’s society, we witness the poverty, and the discrimination that surrounds us. We sometimes question ourselves, what can we do to make it better? There are going to be some people who probably don't want to make our civilization better than it already is. Other people probably just don’t care. But other than that, there’s you, who would want to make a change. You, who would want to develop a bright idea that emphasizes your thinking. You, who would want to make that change not just for yourself, but for the other people who would love to  have the power to do so. You can make that change, because anyone can. If you just put your mind to it.

However, racial identity consist of every citizen, especially people who are known to be popular. “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you”. -George R.R. Martin. Celebrities are people whom everyone knows. People see celebrities as role models and icons. And they set that example to the people who are in need of help and are lost in life. However, celebrities need to enact and explain on there social lives for the people who wants to know more about them or if there curious to know about there life whether they need to a project or an assignment for school etc. Therefore, civilians won’t question or assume that they are a race that not right or any other opinion that’s not true. They have to reflect on there ancestry because there racial progress is there racial mixing to there children and family. The only problem is there appearance. Illuminating the thought on other people is the problem we are having today. And it’s something that need be fixed.

Not only that racial identity needs to be change, but intersectionality cannot wait either. Since our identities are so important, we also need to interpret it through everyone’s point of view in a way where we can accept each other for who we are. Looking back into the past, many people assume that racial identity isn’t that important. But it is if you think about it. But now that we are in the present, it’s more critical and more of a conflict. People today are moving into different countries coming in as an illegal immigrant, then sooner or later you're no longer illegal because of your identity. But coming into a new country trying to adapt having to deal with other citizens who look at you and identifies you incorrectly is not easy. Even though it’s misinterpretation, it shouldn’t necessarily be a huge problem, especially if you're trying to apply for a job or applying for something to support your family is a big deal. That’s when you would matter. Many people would wish that they can be supportive to whoever is in there life. Because in order to make that change, we need to be able to define ourselves. We need to able to say “I matter, because I am just like the rest of you”. It needs to mean something, not only to your peers, and not only to your family, but to yourself.                        

Furthermore, racial identity is so important nowadays because you’re not defending your rights and your race, but for the people who are in your shoes that’s living the conflict and wants to change that to a resolution. People who wants the same thing as you can make a huge difference in their lives, because not only your fighting for there equal right but conversing for who they want to be. It’s people like them that can make the world for the better.. However, racial identity fits with multiple conflicts essentially to discrimination, racism, etc. The situation can either sit on the positive and/or negative side depending on what you are seeking and how. If there is a concept where a woman who comes to the United States met someone who would soon become her friend and they asked “are you indian?” But you're actually Native American, that type of racial identity is not bad because it was misinterpreted in a confusing way. But if there’s another situation where you're applying for a job and get interviewed for the job, they automatically assume that you are indian instead of asking what race you are. That’s where racial identity comes in a negative way. That type of concept needs to be prevented.

To my conclusion, it is said that racial identity is a source of belongings, a source of pride, and a base of discrimination. It has been for awhile now, since it’s taking apart of our race and culture in society today. We know that a person who would value their own potential would want to conserve it. No matter if the person is famous, average, poor, etc. Because we are all equal and created equal. Just think, if animals of the world can exist for there own reason, what makes us think that they were made just for us? They could be there for the same purpose we are here. Our identity can relate to the weak, or to the power. To society, it depends on where you're living, and how you’re living. It’s a way for intersectionality to take apart of since it shares its form of debate and controversy. To the people in the world.