It's Clearly About Me (Ijustice Avery)

My slide is clearly all about me.  I designed my slide based on my favorite colors and my background is one of my favorite pair of sneakers.  These colors contrast but they are also compatible with one another.  They also match the sneakers in the background. But, I didn’t just choose these colors because I them, they are suppose to represent that I have a colorful personality.  I tried to make my slide as short as possible but also to have a lot of information about me as a person.   My slide isn’t just a slide, it has meaning.  The picture in the background represents something in my life.  The sneakers  resemble my sneaker game and they are basketball sneakers so they also represent how ball is life.  The 23 on the sneaker represents January 23rd which happens to be the day my uncle died.  He had a big impact on my life and I wanted to show love to him.  Finally, the mansion door in the back represents how tough times don’t last, and if you really try you can succeed.
Untitled presentation