It's Not Blue - Lilly, Jacobo, Lauren

Kind of Game: Card/Strategy Game
Objective: Survive the longest

Players: 2-8 players

   Game Start

Separate the game components into five piles

Resource Deck > 
Event Deck >
Stats Pieces >
Character Cards >
Discard Box >

Each player must pick one character to simulate during the entity of the game. All characters have different strengths and weaknesses that are listed on their description card. They may pick one out of four categories:


Hand out the following pieces according to how many are prescribed for the character:

+15 Health > Boy, Woman, Man (-5), Cannibal (+5)

+15 Will > Man, Cannibal, Woman (-5), Boy (+5)

Gun > +1 Bullet. The only resource card characters cannot lose

Mile Tracker

Shuffle the Resource Deck and allow players to draw one card from the deck. This is their starting resource. If the resource comes with a bonus, allow them to add it now.

Cannibals do not start with a resource card.

Players, do not allow others to look at your resource cards unless instructed by an event. Keep them close to your chest and hidden. 

Collect pieces if instructed. 

Determine who will begin first and move clockwise. Players are now ready to begin. 

How Turns Work

Players have the option of first choosing a card from the Event Deck. They may choose to forfeit this option and move onto Step Two. 

If the player chooses to pick up an Event Card, they must follow the instructions on the card.

Players may be able to gain the varying amount of competent such as will, health, or additional resource cards

Players may only pick up one Event Card per turn until they reach 8 miles. Then, they may pick up to +5 Event Cards with each turn.

At this time, Players may choose to exchange +1 health for +2 miles, or as many as they see fit. 

Discard the health accordingly and add miles to your Mile Tracker

A Player may choose not to move for two consecutive turns. Any longer and they will have to forfeit -3 will for every extra turn they chose to stay. 

Turn is over. The Player to the left may now take their turn. 

End Game

The end of the game is very simple, the last one standing wins. After each round players will either lose or gain both health and will. When a player loses either all the will points or all the health points, the player dies and must exit the game. In this game, there are no ties. Players will keep playing until all but one of them dies. 

A note to the victor: Congratulations! You are the last person standing! Now, you are alone.


Characters: With our game, we wanted to put each player into the shoes of the main kinds of characters that you can see in The Road; a man to represent the father, a boy to represent the son, a woman to represent the lady that the son meets at the end of the novel, and a cannibal to represent the constant predators of anyone travelling on the road. Like the characters in the book, the players have predestined strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and disadvantages. These can affect their success on the road. 

Event Card: The players have the ability to make some choices that can involve strategy, morality, knowledge, luck, and skill. The characters in The Road were often faced with decisions and their needs heavily influenced their actions. Two of the major components in It’s Not Blue are will and health. While reading The Road, you can see how frequently events occurred that affected the will and health of the man and the boy. We wanted the players to experience the challenge of being affected by an event because of the cards they were drawn. Hence, the purpose of the event card. The outcome of the event is determined by how many will and health points you gain or lose. 

Resource Card: In the story, resources are limited and can determine how soon death may come for that character.  
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