It Wasn’t my Fault.

It Wasn’t my Fault.

Carolyn Borock


(Man gets up slowly and a little wobbly.)

(Looks at the bedside table, there is a note and a beer bottle that

is empty.)

(Holds up a note.)

“Thanks for tonight it says.Sorry I have to go, already late. Left some coffee in the kitchen. Love, Becky ”

“ Who is becky?”

(I wonder, still groggy and now has a headache.)

“ Oh.. Right, that girl from the bar.”


(Picks up the phone.)

(I look at the caller, looks, places the phone down.)


(Slams his head down on to the pillow and closes his eyes and opens when he hears the phone yet again ring.)


“It's the lawyer that's ready to sue me for every cent I have. I'm a doctor, it's not uncommon for me to have a death or two but 120 is a lot more than a few.”

(Deep breath in and out )

“They weren't all my fault, the chief hates me for some unexplained reason. Could it be the fact that I slept with his wife.”

(Deep breath in and out )

“No it can't be it's been a month now he has got to chill.”

“Even though it ruined his marriage it wasn't my fault that she liked my golden locks instead of his bald head, that I treated her like she was “special”.”


(Slams his hand on the table.)

(The phone rings again.)

(He starts yelling at the phone.)

“Look, I'm sorry that I killed that 3 year old kid on my watch. Sorry I ripped into his spine like those practice dummies we used in medical school. Sorry I made that cut intoxicated. It wasn't my fault, it was the alcohol's.”

(Phone rings yet again for the 5th time)

(This time was his boss, the chief.)

(He hit the answer button.)

“Yes, Chief.”

(Mumbling on the other side of the phone.)

"No you can't fire me, I fire you!"

(The chief hangs up the phone.)

“Those words crushed my dreams of ever becoming a great doctor. Now that I'm jobless what do I do? No hospital will ever hire me again. Those 12 years in college, wasted.”

(Taking a drink).

“Mom, I'm sorry I cut into you.I’m sorry I messed up my life.I’m sorry I’m a disappointment of a son.”

(Deep breath in and out )

“I'm so sorry.”

(Starts crying and finishes his glass yet to pour another.)