Italy and Libya: Third Quarter Benchmark

Here's the link to my quarter 3 Globalization Benchmark: Click Here

The two countries that I've selected for this benchmark are Italy and Libya. Italy is located on the East hemisphere of the world. With a population of 61,016,804 , Italy is fairly small. Known for their exports of wine, oil, and wheat, Italy's primary exporter is Libya. Libya, located in North Africa is a country that is currently in great depression. In February of 2011, Libya's leader Gaddafi conducted his military to kill citizens and civilians protesting outside of his home. In order to gather information for my benchmark, I  first researched current news, because currently Libya is one of the most "talked about" countries because of the Libyan Civil War. Italy has some relevance in the Libyan Civil War because they have taken in some of the Libyans because their country was in danger.  My 5 point frame work was straightforward because the countries that I've selected to overview are "hit or miss" countries, meaning that either they are in danger of collapsing or not. If I had to change one aspect of my product, I would have made a video/typography like I had initially planned on.