J Tartaglia benchmark G-Father

Joseph Tartaglia                                               1/4/12                                   Benchmark


“Ey yo jojo come ovea here.”

“Yeah pop?”

“I need to carry dis box indo tha ay whats it called ay, store.”



What is presented is conversation with my grandfather, the convection always starts out with me talking with right words until we get into a deeper conversation, and then I just start to pick up his accent. I start talking the same way he does, and sometimes I don’t realize I am but most of the time I do realize that I’m talking like him, and I don’t know why I do. Sometimes the accent stays with me for a couple of hours. I don’t realize that I still have the accent. When I still have the accent, people sometimes don’t take me seriously, and it gets annoying. At those points I know how my grandfather feels when we laugh at him, but it’s not his fault, because he never really went to school because he grew up poor, and that’s another reason that people don’t take him seriously.

There are also situations where he would say a whole sentence wrong. he would say something about a door like “Because of dah wood bottom.” when he really means “the bottom of the door is made out of wood that is the problem.” He would also curse a lot, which is a form of his personality not really a part of his accent. He would say “Joe can you stop fuckin aroun all the time, anded lisin to what I’m tryin to say?”


“Ay Joe, pass me them screws?”

“Yeah, sure gimmie a minute ight?”


This is the point where I start to talk like him sometimes. I would switch on purpose, but there are times where I switch totally by accident, and I can be stuck in that accent for hours. I would do it to make fun of him but then I can’t control they way I talk after. It’s almost like karma because I to have the accent to make fun, and then I’m stuck with it for a couple hours and it usually gets annoying.


One time I was stuck in the accent in school, and the teacher called on me, and I got in trouble for using the accent, and I said it wasn’t my fault, the teacher said I was be obnoxious, but I wasn’t. It also is obnoxious  when someone calls my granddad annoying and dumb just because he doesn’t have proper grammar. I understand why people might think that but it doesn’t make it right to say it out loud, I only have the accent for a little while he’s stuck with it. All I can assume is that he makes fun of himself also, because all of his friends talk like that too.


“Ay yo Jo Jo.”


“Ahh when are goin to the uhh the, gym?”

“Tomorrow why?”

“I just wanted to know.”


The are also times where he would not know what to say or forget how to say something or not be able to spit it out, and sometimes I do that to, It’s not about the accent it’s that some words he doesn’t know too well and, he kind of get stressed over it, and sometimes it pisses me off knowing that he’s not able to talk a well as others but at least he tries and the fact that people don’t take him seriously is a big deal.

I guess it’s just a family curse.