Jacobo Pastor Capstone


During the past 6 months, I have struggled with the idea of what to do for my capstone. After thinking and rethinking, I came up with the idea of making a website where I would teach prospective SLA students some skills to survive the most rigorous benchmarks. I called my benchmark, "The SLA Survival Guide." 
Everyone coming into Science Leadership Academy knows that it is a project based High School. This means that students come in with the idea of making thousands of projects throughout their high school career. Looking back, it sounded terrific  - No Tests! But little by little I realized that most of these projects needed to be done in a software that I hadn't use in my life. The purpose of this Capstone is to teach upcoming SLA students to learn some of the most common softwares teachers will ask their students to learn along the year. After watching my videos, students will be ready to create a fully polished document, video, and a handful of engineering softwares and shop tools.
As I was creating my capstone I realized that I could make this much bigger than it is. I want my capstone to be the beginning of a big community where students and teachers from SLA, can upload videos, documents, and other helpful knowledge to survive SLA. By doing so, we will enrich the learning experience as well as have this sense of community where students can work together to help each other.

SLA Survival Guide:


“3D CAD Design Software.” Getting Started | SOLIDWORKS, www.solidworks.com/

This source will help me get a better understanding of how Solidworks functions. At Science Leadership Academy Robotics Club I have been able to work first hand with the software. It has been 4 years learning and understanding almost most all functions which have guaranteed me a leading job on the team when Computer Aided Designing the different mechanisms. By no means I am a professional, I am currently still learning and this is why this source is important. Before teaching about a topic I would get informed the best I can.

“Try Fusion 360 for Free.” CAD Software | 2D And 3D Computer-Aided Design | Autodesk, Redshift EN, www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/overview

Fusion 360 is a program that I am not that comfortable with. In my CTE Advanced
Engineering class, I have been able to learn along with other students basic skills of the program. This source is specifically helpful because it does not only give you an overview but it comes with hundreds of summaries and videos. In addition, it even provides practice problems that I can use in my videos in order to teach others.

Thingiverse.com. “Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects.” By Noctiluxx -
Thingiverse, www.thingiverse.com/
This source is a website filled with innovative and unique done designs of 3D parts that I could use for my videos. I have found several designs that I can open on one of the CADs software I would teach and then print them and show them on the videos. I specifically like this website because it is not only engineering related but you can find hundreds of fun designs from your favorite movies, tv shows, cartoon, and even sports teams.

“Adobe Illustrator CC.” Adobe Captivate-Unlock The Future of Smart ELearning Design,

In order to print an object on the laser cut, machine one must have their 2D design on Adobe Illustrator. Just as with Solidworks or Fusion 360, I am familiar with the program thanks to my CTE Advanced Engineering class but by no means, I am an expert in it. I am hoping that this source will help me get a deeper understanding of the software so I before teaching about a topic I would get informed the best I can.

Haslam, Karen. “You Can Create the next Blockbuster on Your Mac - Here's How!”
Macworld UK, Macworld UK, 6 July 2018,

This source will hopefully help me set up guidelines for my video on iMovie. This source is not from apple because they didn’t have such a detailed description of the program. I really like this source specifically because of the detailed steps for each section. I am hoping that this source will help me get a deeper understanding of the software so I before teaching about a topic I would get informed the best I can.

“Adobe Photoshop CC.” Adobe Captivate-Unlock The Future of Smart ELearning Design, www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html

This source is for the Adobe Photoshop video. Just as the Adobe Illustrator source, because it is from the same company, this source is very detailed and provide multiple examples, videos, and designs that will inspire me to create an aesthetic yet functional video. Along with this source, I will search up for other examples to make the Photoshop video the most useful possible.

Harris, Tom. “How Cameras Work.” HowStuffWorks, HowStuffWorks, 21 Mar. 2001,

Being an engineer I know how mechanisms work, how structures function, or what materials will serve different conditions. I have never been taught how a camera works so hopefully, this source will help me function it. Without proper knowledge on the camera that I am using my videos won’t have the quality that I want them to have, which means that they won’t look as professional as I could make them. This source is especially useful because it is not focused on just one set of cameras which means that no matter the camera I use I will be able to make it function.

“How to Be Successful on YouTube in 10 Easy Steps.” Blue Fountain Media, Blue Fountain Media, 18 Oct. 2018, www.bluefountainmedia.com/blog/how-to-be-successful-on-youtube

Just as the “How Stuff Works” source, this source will be extremely important to understand common mistakes and tips in order to succeed with my youtube channel. To be successful it is important to understand what professional people have to say about the topic because since they are experts on the topic they can share valuable information which will hopefully help me get on the successful path. It is important to note that I want to prioritize a useful capstone rather than a successful one that won’t help others.

“Engineering Tools.” Young's Modulus of Elasticity for Metals and Alloys,

This is probably one of the most resourceful tools that I would use in my capstone. Since I form part of the CTE Advanced Engineering class I must do my videos engineering related. Therefore, along with the videos I would like to provide the science behind them and this source will be a key factor in it. From temperature pressure to water movement to other physics laws, this source contains all of this useful information. I believe that providing the science behind this software or shop tools will really enhance the quality of my project and my understanding of the topic.

“How To Design A Website (Jan 2019) | 7 Essential Steps.” Best Website Builder Reviews for 2018, Best Website Builder Reviews for 2018 Best Website Builder Reviews - So You Can Pick the Perfect Website Builder for Your Unique Needs,

Along with the videos on the different software I would like to publish those with a little descriptions on what the video is about as well as additional information and links to the topics discussed. To do this I will use a website, but without knowing how to properly make one and even more important design an appealing one, the capstone will not be up to my expectations. This source included a series of steps that will be very useful in this process.