Jade Schweitzer: Capstone

In my Capstone I focused on the body modification community. I decided to take photos and interviews showcasing different people’s body art as well as the stories that accompany them. Throughout this project I had many hiccups and the project constantly changed and evolved based off multiple difficulties I had gathering information and media. In the end I compiled all the photos I got and all my interview pieces into a website as my final product that could be public to the world, and that I could continue to add to and even expand after the final deadline, or even further on down the line in my life. This topic is so special to me because my father is covered in tattoos and I’ve been in love with body modification since I was a little girl, and I was hoping to spread the word about how beautiful and interesting the art and people who wear it are.
Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.24.46 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.24.46 PM
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"Ava Olsen, Piercing Interview." Jade Schweitzer. Personal interview. 8 Jan. 2016.

Although she has no tattoos Ava has a multitude of ear piercings, multiple per lobe and different cartilage piercings. Now she has no desire to get any tattoos at this moment in time, however she is highly appreciative of them, and in the futures plans to get even more piercings. Starting out with commonplace single lobe piercings, ever since getting her second lobe piercing has been hooked and in the market for more. Her right ear has a few more piercings than her left, and hopefully she will be filling that gap and then continuing to get even more after.

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"Frankie Lopez, Tattoo/Piercing Interview." Jade Schweitzer. Personal interview. 7 Jan. 2016.

Zaria Linton’s boyfriend of almost four years, covered in tattoos, barely pierced, and actually a tattoo artist and model himself brings an interesting perspective to the table with his interview.

Coming from a conservative and religious family his parents were completely against tattooing and body modification which obviously caused and causes hiccups with his family life.

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Heaven’s interview was vital, given as she had to lie and then hide her piercing from her parents, communicating her devotion to the piercing itself, as well as her love for body modifications in general.

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"Joseff Filamore Tattoo Interview." Jade Schweitzer Personal interview. 19 Dec. 2015.

Joseff has three tattoos, all of which were done in the same day and the same session, while he has no piercings at all. His shoulder tattoo being a lookalike tribute to one his uncle wore with pride, while his other tattoos are a tribute to his father, who was a driving force in Joe’s life until he unfortunately passed away after chronic long term illness in early 2014. For his upcoming 18th birthday Joseff plans on getting a micro tattoo, themed around his life’s passion, skateboarding. So that no matter where he goes or what he is doing, whether his board is on him or not he always has a piece of what he has devoted his life to since he was twelve years old.

"Kristina Scalia-Jackson, Tattoo/Piercing Interview." Jade Schweitzer. Personal interview. 8 Jan. 2016.

Kristina’s interview revealed a lot about her tattooed and pierced history. All of her tattooes have seriously personal ties into her life and family, and being discriminated against, not because of her permanent tattoo choices, but her piercing decisions. Originally have multiple cartilage, lobe, and industrial piercings in each ear she was told to take them out during a summer employment, which actually resulted in a number of her piercings closing, she intends on getting them reopened, although has yet to have that done. Her tattooes are respectful, classic, catholic rooted tributes to her grandparents, meant to serve as a reminder of their memory and her love for them.

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At first glance this may not seem like a viable source of information, but while looking over this website and doing research into the company, it became apparent that the founder of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, was also a tattoo artist, best known for his american traditional style pinup girls, still printed on his rum today. This information is helpful to this project by opening up the cultural history this company along with its founder has in the tattooing world, how society has grown from thinking that only veterans and alcoholics could have tattoos, and also giving a decent, yet brief history of some tattooing styles, like American Traditional.


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Although this is a YouTube video and therefore much less credible at the onset, while watching this video you get a great first source opinion on a variety of topics. Some of which being, the opinions non-tattooed people had about tattoos and the people that have them, as well as how tattooed individuals are judged or perceived on a daily basis, also further throughout the video and the Buzzfeed experiment you see their opinions/perspectives change. The subjects grew to forget they had tattoos, or realize the incredible sense of community, respect, belonging, and self expression that comes with body modification, and even that their art spoke for them while they didn’t have to say anything. Watching how quickly their opinions changed, over just a week with temporary tattooes shows a full spectrum of ideas, thoughts, and even general misunderstandings of not only the mod. community, but also of the art itself.


"Zaria Linton, Tattoo/Piercing Interview." Jade Schweitzer. Personal interview. 7 Jan. 2016.

This interview with Science Leadership Academy Alumni Zaria Linton was very enriching and in depth. She is not only covered in over twelve tattoos, some of which tattooed by her own boyfriend, Frankie Lopez (also interviewed), but also thoroughly pierced. Stemming from her initial body modifications starting in High school Zaria has been able to attain and keep steady well paying jobs, is in school, and is currently a model for an independent agency. She spoke in depth about the hangups she is having in her budding modeling career, as she is not fully complete in her tattooing yet, she would like to have a few of her tattoos touched up/fixed, and fill the gaps she has on her arms etc, while her manager is telling her to only get her corrections done and stop adding to her modifications, as the more she has the rougher a time she will have getting modeling offers as anything other than a tattoo model. Although Zaria aims to one day be a successful female tattoo model of color.