Jade Schweitzer Q3

This quarter, art class aside was very difficult for me for many different personal reasons, and that defiantly had an effect on my productivity in art. I completed my assignments, although my work seemed to come out differently. More smooth, utilizing more curved lines, and softening my usually harsh lines. Most of my inspiration and my idea this quarter came from things I am used to seeing everyday, like ashtrays, snails, and snakes. Using these memories helped to calm me down, and made concentrating on making them look as realistic as I could in the moment much easier. I took steps this quarter to try and improve on areas I had little to no comfort in, such as drawing people in general, let alone creating a self portrait, as well as working on physical textures, like the scales on my snake. 
Overall this quarter I expanded my comfort zone, learned new techniques for creating my art, and became more willing to share and get my art critiqued by peers.