Jaime Christmas Capstone

​For my senior capstone project I analyzed the different grade theme questions and did my best to answer them along with the core values. Along with that I also chose projects that I thought represented some of the things that I learned while doing this project and showed some of the work that we did in the past couple of years and why based on these different themes. When I first began this process of researching and trying to figure out what I wanted to say and what I wanted my project to say about me I learned a lot about why we did some of the things we did in the past couple of years that at the time felt frustrating. By interviewing people and learning about their projects I got to see how they interpreted certain things from their perspective and that helped me better understand why I was doing this project as a whole. In some areas I would say that this could be used as a teaching tool for example projects but I go into briefly about the the dangers the school's within the school district faced and how we've grown from that as a whole. I also go into explain how institutions differ in the city because I've been to three extremely different ones. Most of my process included researching and writing. My final product is a website with the projects on them that outlines everything that I learned through finishing this project. 

Annotated Bibliography
  • Jack Mackie Pictures. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Prod. Scott Fellows and Apollo ProScreen GmbH & Co. Filmproduktion KG. TEENick. Santa Clarita, California, 07 Sept. 2003. Television. This source provides me information about how a directional piece is written and how it might actually benefit people. It provided people with a service from their peers; someone that they were comfortable confiding in which is very important at this age. I selected this source because for people coming of age they're at that time when they "hate their parents" or they feel no one understands them and there's a lot of stress because you constantly hear how you have to be molding your future at this point and time. I found this source useful because it's essentially what I was trying to do with my capstone. One limitation of this source was for one it's fictional but again that doesn't mean the situations always were.

  • Barber, Bruce. Web log post. Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide. Cindy Papish Gerber, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. < http://reallifesurvivalguide.com/ >. This source is a great example of how I might want my blog to look. Not only does it have different recorded observations from all aspects of life but provides great advice in reference to other people's. It's a blog with a question component so it can always be adjusted to fit people's needs if some may arise. I selected this source because it provides a good reference point for how I want to create my website. It's extremely useful because it'll give me a range of ideas of topics I might want to cover. Although this is geared towards an older audience it's still very relevant information that comes in handy which is what I want to provide people.

  • City of Philadelphia. "Phila.Gov | Office of the District Attorney : R. Seth Williams." Phila.Gov | Office of the District Attorney : R. Seth Williams. City of Philadelphia, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <http://www.phila.gov/districtattorney/crimeprevention_youthaidpanel.html >. This source is the program that I represented while on the Youth Safety Task Force. The Philadelphia Youth Aid Panel's purpose is to help juvenile offenders avoid trial by providing them services and directing them to a more productive lifestyle. This is a very important program especially in Philadelphia because of all the budget cuts kids turning to negative lifestyle choices is a serious concern. This source provides me with more information on what the panel does and what my participation looked like. I selected this source because it's a huge issue when it comes to young kids in schools that aren't funded as well as they should be. Kids who make a mistake shouldn't immediately be thrown into the system, no one benefits from that. Everyone deserves a second chance, but my blog or whatever could help deter them from that in the first place.

  • "Rookie." Rookie. Say Media, n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. < http://www.rookiemag.com/ >. Rookie Magazine is an online magazine with dozens of young women writing about the everyday quandaries that girls face. It isn't all bad they cover so many topics that it's hard to define Rookie in one word. They empower young women by honestly discussing different aspects of life from love to school to friends and everything in between. This source provides me with a way to construct my blog and things that I may want to write about that are more relevant to people my age. I selected this source because I found it really interesting and raw. This source was extremely useful because it gives great advice on certain situations that isn't always easy to discuss with your parents. Rookie Mag is a great source that really embodies everything self help and lifestyle.

  • Lattanzio, Vince. "Thousands of Students Walkout, Protest Budget Cuts."NBC 10 Philadelphia. NBC 10 Philadelphia, 18 May 2013. Web. 21 May 2015. <http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Philly-Teachers-Protest-Budget-Cuts-Student-Walkouts-207850051.html>.

NBC 10 Philadelphia is an extremely trustworthy news source. It specializes in current events that are directly correlated to Philadelphia. This source provided me with a more in depth idea of what we were fighting for during the time budget cuts in the Philadelphia School District were creating a very strong public response. This source helped me become more aware of how drastic the situation actually was and what that meant for students around the city. This source allowed me to appreciate the education I have received in the past four years.

This source is the mission of Masterman High school and outlines what they look for in students in one simple sentence. This source helped me see the similarities and differences in the students taken there compared to SLA and how the learning styles differ as well. Because school has obviously been a huge part of my life seeing the differences in how I’ve been taught over the years helps me learn more about myself. I chose this source because it was important for me to analyze how education differs even around the city.   

I chose this source because it clearly outlines how things operate at Science Leadership Academy. This source helped me analyze what really makes SLA unique which was pretty much what my whole project entailed because of the things we do here. The Family Night Guide talks about what to expect when you start school here and explains the different themes for each grade and core values. This helped me extremely while doing my capstone project because I wanted to go into depth about why we do these things and how I’ve learned by answering the theme questions.

The mission and vision is a critical part of SLA because it differs greatly from a regular institution within the district. This source helped me because at times it was difficult for me to put into words in what ways we were different from others by the way we did things and this helped explain why we do things the way we do at SLA. This source provided me information on the technicalities of how we are taught here including the rubric and what is expected of us and how we reach those goals every quarter.

This source was about how individuals operate within an organization properly when integrating different beliefs, cultures and people. It went on to talk about how people are motivated, their attitudes and behavior and how that affects their day to day. This source provided me information about collaboration in the workplace and how group work and organizations have evolved over the years. This source helped me with my capstone project because it gave me a better idea of how I’m going to continue to collaborate with people well into my college years and so on. This is one of our five core values so learning about this was vital to completing my project

This article or whatever you would like to call it, journal article, talked about the study of systems thinking and everything that goes into it and what aspects you have to look out for to be a critical systems thinker. This source gave me information about systems and what it means to think about systems. This was important information to have because one of the key themes is systems, how you interact with them, how they change and how you maintain their change. This source helped me a lot because I was able to answer a lot of the questions listed under grade 10 very effectively and efficiently. Without this source I probably wouldn’t have been able to answer the questions as meaningful as I had.