Jalen and Isaac's Circuit Project

Artist Statement:

For our experiment our goal was to construct a working circuit made from a Nike sneaker. This experiment entailed many components. Before constructing this circuit we both knew that each of us liked sneakers, so thats why we chose to design a circuit made from a sneaker made by Nike. This Nike sneaker is beneficial for people, especially athletes who run at night because while runners are running the lights from the sneaker would illuminate the area around them. This helps people around them to see that that person is running at night. While making this circuit we decided to place four blue lights on one side of the sneaker and four orange lights on the other side of the sneaker and set them up in parallel series.
The reason we placed the lights in parallel series was because we wanted each light to get equal amounts of voltage from the battery. We didn’t want one side of the sneaker to be dimmer than the other. After putting everything together we had a working circuit. Although we went through so much trouble with this experiment we still managed to develop a working circuit. If sneaker companies go along with what we developed there is a possibility that this specific sneaker would sell greatly in stores all around the country.

Our Final Product Lighten Up

    Our Nike Sneaker Lighten Up In The Dark