Jamie Polson's November Post

Although I may have not have my original ILP I found a new one and have been attending for 3 or 4 weeks now.  The ILP is I am an intern for the Give and Take jugglers which is a juggling group based in Philly and they do shows at schools and if you request them to perform they will kindly do that.  In the past few weeks I have done lot's of financial work for them such as searching elementary schools in the Pennsylvania Delaware area and get genral info about each like where it is who the principal is, the url and email for the school and principal and that type of thing.  Also I had to research Country clubs and get the same type of info and make a table to put all the info on.  That's the business side of it but the fun stuff is that I also get to practice classic give and take routines like spinning a ball on my finger and perform pipo and pepe which is a kind of acrobatic act where your in this suit bent over and it looks like there are these two guys (puppet people) dancing and you move your hands and legs to make them move and it looks really realistic and awesome!!