Jared Trusty Capstone

The process that i followed was in line with our school's core curriculum, Research, Inquiry, Collaboration, Presentation and reflection. I Inquired on a way to help the school in a way and manner that could be continued even after I have left SLA. After doing a little bit of research into the different problems into the school   I found that the school while in poor condition most things could not be worked on or fixed. I then realized the most obvious answer was right in front of me, all of the tables,  furniture and chairs in the school are either broken or non accessible.

What I wanted to do was create a way for other students to make furniture to improve their school environment. This Capstone not only has a physical representation of all the work but a guide to help future students.  What I hope to accomplish is to complete 2 Benches for the 3rd floor Hallway. (Adjacent to Hull’s Room) I will also complete a table for the ballroom on the 3rd floor. 1 Benches will accompany the table this will fully furnish the 3rd floor area. I will also complete a detailed guide on how to create each of these things on your own so that future students can repair or replace the old furniture.

I believe that this will help students improve their school and understand the work needed to create the different mechanisms that they often destroy, giving purpose and reason to the object. Below is a link to all of my pictures, Bibliography and the process behind how to make every different design.