Jasir Massey-Campbell's Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to create a video game database. Unlike a game review website that only focuses on the content analysis of video games, my vision was to create a website that works similarly to that of a library database plus more. I created a sample website that would highlight multiple aspects of the gaming field. It is a website that moderators will use to publish multiple sources of information for all of the top video game youtubers and authors for important companies such as IGN (International Gaming Network) as well as allowing amateur gamers to publish their own reviews for gamers who find those type of reviews more reliable. The goal of my capstone was to make the first, as far as I know of, to not just be one gaming website, but a bunch of gaming websites in one. To do this, I had to gather a bunch of links and connect them to my website. This is extremely time consuming as the purpose was not to just get information from a few websites but from a wide range to create a wide perspective. Not only that but I had to design it. If this was to get funded, it would be the first of its kind whereas no other website features reviews from multiple sources including amateurs gamers. 

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