Jasmine Nieves' Capstone

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My name is Jasmine Nieves. To explain what had to be done for my project, was that at first I wanted to do a newsletter. Then another opportunity came so I can help participate in somebody else’s Capstone. That somebody is Kenayah Cerdan. I just went back and forth with the idea. Also, another great opportunity came so I can volunteer for a company known as, “Dress for Success”. That business, all it is, is that it is sort of like a donations. They give those donations, but of business and professional clothing who can’t afford it. Throughout being in this process, nothing really happened. I called the people, I got nervous and we never moved forward. Also out of nowhere, I thought to volunteer at the Main Library in Philadelphia. But then my mentor said, “Would it be realistic enough?” That question stuck with me ever since even though I really didn’t think about it. When I was trying to set up more of the newsletter than I already had, the program didn’t allow me to both do the accessing and the editing. While in this process, I put words together in my own words describing the styles people SLA likes and who inspired them.

So then I went along with the idea of creating a website. The one who gave me this idea was my mentor and one of my old teachers, Elizabeth Menasion. She told me in the beginning how she wasn’t good about knowing about fashion but she did help me. She was the one who gave me most of the ideas. This is why I chose her as a mentor. To speak now about my website, I just started off with a Google survey. I created 10 questions but in the very beginning, I had more until I needed to edit and condense it. I created one survey and then I created another survey in which some people did answer and did leave their email address so I will know who did what question. The total amount of people that did the survey was 10. After I saw the results, I then put what I put in my own words, onto my website. My capstone ended up to take up the whole year. Mostly all the senior who had a Capstone did.

Now speaking about the website. According to the questions that were created and the way people answered, I ended up having the titles that I had when putting together everybody’s words on to a document, making them as my links with some pictures, videos, and of course the description of what I put in my own words. What I am doing right now is just writing up my abstract. Soon I will upload everything to SLAte and then everybody will get to see my Capstone.