Jenny Cruz, Art Portfolio

Throughout this year I wanted to focus on widening my art style. Drawing not only what I thought up, or the art that was assigned to me but your average ordinary things that one may not think to draw. 
I also told myself my capstone and senior project will focus on displaying my artistic style. 
This portfolio is an arrangement of some of the work I may have done on my own time or the concepts that were given to us during my art class this year. 
I used mediums I was unfamiliar with and tried to wrap my brain around colors. My traditional style focuses on black and white pencil drawing. There are a number of display in this presentation that use color well and I hope you enjoy them as I did while creating them. 

I would also like to note the art isn't just what we make within a class room. In cities like Philadelphia there are group of people that partake in street art. Whether that's putting stickers, wheat pastes or spray down a building artists are able to make art, their city being their canvas. I am fortunate enough to know many people within this small artist enclave. You may see some street art within this portfolio and all I ask is you keep an open mind about what you see and why these people do what they do. 
Art q3