Jesse Shuter Capstone

​The process of going about my capstone was a unique one. It started out as one thing, but turned into another. I wanted for my capstone to grow our journalism program from the small online based class that it was, to more than that. I wanted to do this my own way. For my capstone I traveled to different sporting events as a reporter, recording certain games, taking pictures and also writing articles for journalism. This year I also became the sports editor for what is now the journalism club/class and I was able to use some of the work from my capstone on the website. I was also able to help other sports writers improve their content and become better writers. I wanted to create a lasting role that someone else could build off of when I am gone. Throughout this I learned a lot about how much editing and preparing and learning goes into using this technology for reporting. Even the simple technology that I used required a lot of editing and learning about how they worked and additional items to make them work better. There were a lot of struggles that accompanied my capstone. I had to miss classes to go to the games, I lost a lot of data throughout the process including all the video from one of the games and one of the articles crashed and had to be re-written. I enjoyed this process a lot and recommend it to future students. 

Here you will find one of my articles about the SLA Boys Baseball team. 

Annotated bibliography can be found here.