Jessica Guarino Capstone

For my capstone project, I wanted to educate people on animal behavior, and utilize that knowledge in situations when either animals approach people or if animals are seen on the street. To accomplish this goal, I held a presentation that went over the 4 basic behaviors of dogs and cats, since those are the two most common domestic pets. In that presentation, I discussed when not to approach an animal, since there are instances when approaching one is not safe. Another thing that I wanted to accomplish with this capstone was to give back to the animals in need, while they are waiting to find their forever homes. So with that, I decided to hold a donation drive to collect necessities for the animals, and deliver them to the PSPCA. After all of this was done, I put everything together on a website and added some extra information about animal behavior for those who want to explore beyond what was explained in the presentation. Something that I learned from working on this capstone project was that initial plans may not turn out how you originally imagined them to, but to overcome that obstacle, you should be open to quick changes to make do with what you have.

Final Website here

Annotated Bibliography here