Jessica Hinton - Q4BM What If?

My point of divergence, was focused on the 2000 Presidential Election. If there was a different ballot system for the election (specifically in Florida), there would be no confusion amongst voters, and there would be no mistake when the votes were being counted. With there being no mistake, there would be no reason for a recount of votes. Thus, the outcome for this election would be that Al Gore would be declared the winner of the election. I envisioned our country with lower taxes, and less pollution. I kind of got these ideas, from things that Gore spoke about in different debates and interviews. These are only two of the things that he was passionate about, and I felt that it would be important to include these. I also believed that our country would begin to become more Democratic than Republican. 

I liked that for this project, we were basically changing history the way we wanted it. I 
thought that was pretty cool. The part of the project that was the most challenging, would probably be finding the three existing sources. I felt that I should focus more on Gore, being that he was the one that was going to win for my project. Since I had to look into what actually happened during the election, I was reading a lot about the number of votes each candidate received, and the popular votes they received. I think what was interesting, was that many people afterwards believed that Gore should have actually won. It was interesting to see how these numbers all affected the outcome of the election. 

The actions of individuals for my topic, was that it changed a whole election. 
The election could have come out one way, but due to the mistakes made by certain individuals, messed up the outcome. I feel that one decision can impact history in many different ways. For this project, the Supreme Court's decision to do a statewide recount affected the possibility that Gore would become the president. However, whether the decision is good or bad, the impact it can have on history is major. 

To improve this project, I think that maybe there should be a little bit more 
time to get everything together. It's not that this was a benchmark that was extremely hard, it's just that it was a very tedious assignment. I also feel that there should be a project description given to us when we start the project. The benchmark contract served as somewhat of a guide, but when it came time to put the presentation together, I didn't know if there was something I was missing. If I had to do this project over, I think the thing that I would change about my process, would be the way I presented everything. I like the way I chose to present my information, but I couldn't decide how I wanted to present. I was going to use Prezi, but that was taking too long. I was also going to use a website named SlideRocket, which is kind of like Keynote/Powerpoint, but I realized that my sources wouldn't fit. So, I decided that pages would be the best way to present the information that I compiled.