Jiwon Choi: Macbeth- Creative Piece

   I made a piano collection of various piano pieces for the creative extension of the Macbeth quote analysis. I used little parts of the five pieces that I thought best describes Macbeth in each act. I mostly used minor songs to describe Macbeth because I wanted people to pity him and remember why he became hungry for power and became a killing machine. Therefore, I used more sad songs than loud, dark songs. This video below shows the change in Macbeth's character journey and the downfall of his life. To begin with, Macbeth was a decent man, but his hunger for power and dominance led him to become a killing machine. 

   My process of crafting the creative portion of this project was fun but somewhat difficult. First, I had to choose five piano pieces that I wanted to play to describe Macbeth. When I chose five of them, I had to choose the parts I think would connect naturally to the next piece I was going to play. Then, I had to learn the parts and film the whole thing. It took me hours to do this process.

   Difficulties that I encountered while doing this project was there were visitors in the house when I was filming the video. My solution was just to wait until it was somewhat quiet and start playing again. I had to cut out a lot of scenes in the film because of all the talking. It took me about 20 minutes just to this filmed. Another problem that i encountered was that my iMovie kept closing. That resulted in me filming over and over until one film was saved.

  I am proud about how I overcame the difficulties and got to film the video. I am also proud that I learned the pieces well in a short amount of time. 

   If I had a chance to change my creative portion, I would try harder to compose a piano piece on my own rather than using piano pieces that has been composed by other pianists. 

   From doing this project, I learned a lot from my colleagues and myself. From my colleagues, I learned what talents and skills they have. I also learned other creative ideas that I could’ve done. From myself, I learned that I don’t approve myself if something is not how I want it to be. I also learned that I like my final products to be something I will be proud of. 

Click here for the link to my video.