Jobs: Stress of Losing Your Job

​As the US faces hard times of unemployment more and more people becoming laid off from their jobs. Following this come the pressure and struggle with keeping up your family and maintaining the mortgage. Then come the emotional struggle in being looked down upon by your family, friend, and peers. Finally, you come to a point where you are now depressed not knowing what to do next, or where to find something or someone to get you out of this mess. 
Recent research has shown one of the main causes in depression is after times of economic crisis. People then turn to drugs, alcohol, over eating, and smoking to lower there stress. Family start to brake down by moving from place to place trying to find a home. Sometimes people become so depressed that they think they aren't wanted and show signs of suicide. Leaving their families to wonder and worry about their lives everyday.
Losing your job isn't as much of a worry as the emotions and the depression that come with it.