Jordan Grayes Artwork

My first assignment in this classroom was the tile painting. The inspiration behind my idea was the fact I had recently watched some Brandon Knight highlights, a player for the Phoenix Suns. After that I decided that the Suns logo would be the best possible way for me to have fun with the project. Also, the colors really pop in there logo and that influenced my decision heavily. My final product is located on slide #2. The final assignment was the self portrait. In the self portrait I decided to trace an image of myself that was from a photo-shoot I was a part of. The reason I chose that specific image was because it gave me a nice facial expression and would be more fun to capture details such as, the Tommy Hilfiger logo on my shirt and the straps from my book bag. something I would want to improve on in my artistry work is adding more to them. I only meet the minimum requirement and I should start to go above and beyond the standards set.