Jordan Hairston

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Student Name:

Jordan Hairston

In school mentor’s name:

Erin Garvey

Out-of-school mentor’s name and affiliation:

 Jessy Kyle

Topic Summary: 

For my senior project, I am creating the lyrics to the songs from my first album.

Project Abstract:

My entire Science Leadership Academy journey has prepared me for my senior project. Since I was a freshman here, I’ve had an idea of what I wanted my capstone to be. Then the following year, my sophomore year I thought I was 100% decided on my capstone. However at the end of my junior year of high school, I began to actually think about how different factors would affect the efficiency of my capstone. All summer I weighed the pro’s and con’s of starting my record label Touch Bass Records up again. I would have many more people that would be apart of it. We would learn together and perform together as well. Selfishly, I knew that I would’ve spent too much time working with a group of talented musicians. So I decided to focus on myself instead. So this year, I am preparing myself for college and the rest of my life by being an independent recording artist. During the course of my capstone, I will work with my music mentor Jessy Kyle to create a collection of songs and performances. I am in the process of creating a R&B album which contains songs that reflect my experiences. Experiences that are worth remembering and appreciated.I’ve selected Jessy Kyle to be my mentor because she can offer a great level of expertise on the music industry. She also offers expertise on being successful in the music industry because she is a musician. After my junior year, she has enhanced my level of writing and performing skills. This year, I’ll write and perform many songs. Songs that were inspired by my idols and songs that were created by me. As a musician, I am able to prepare for college auditions.

Annotated Bibliography: MLA


Beyoncé creating Dangerously In Love

This video source reveals Beyoncé Knowles’ work ethic during the creation of her album “Dangerously In Love”. In this video, she’s interviewed about each song in her album. This video also contains clips of her singing the songs. This source is helpful to me because it shows me a little bit about the recording process. The process which I haven’t experienced yet. I chose to analyze this video because Beyoncé has won 27 awards from the songs on the album. That is one of my goals. To be an award winning performer. A performer that not only creates music for entertainment, but for connection and understanding.  

How to create an album:

This specific source is a website that is titled, “How To Make an Album Without a Recording Studio”. The website gives advice on how to record music outside of a recording studio.The website contains steps that should be taken after a long period of writing has been done. It suggests that the artist should use a recorder. This source is helpful for me because it gives me another alternative when creating music. It would be cheaper for me to record my song outside of a record studio. However for better song quality I’d have to record inside a studio.

This source is a website that is titled, “The 7 Steps to Making a Great Music Album” The website gives you seven steps to creating a “timeless article”. The steps are titled, Ideation, Background Arrangement, Recording, Music Production, Mixing. Every step gives very specific and helpful tips on how to make a timeless album. Each steps gives details on how to make the album timeless.

This source is a website titled, “ 9 Mistakes To Avoid When Recording Your Own Album”. This website is helpful to me because it gives me useful advice for my album. I’m glad that I came across this source because I think I would’ve maken the mistakes this website listed. Like Step 9 : Death, Taxes and At-That-Crucial-Point computer malfunction. They come to us all in the end. Back-up your work daily, weekly or even monthly….but make sure you do it. This would be the step that I would regret the most. To loss all my hard work. The other step that I make sure I’ll pay attention to is Step 1: That Odd Buzzing Noise Will Come Out In The Mix. The buzzing in the background would distract listeners from the greatness of my song.

This is a website that gives information about RIAA certification. RIAA certification is the Recording Industry Association of America. The Association awards artists on the amount of albums or singles that are sold. There are different levels to these certifications. Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Multi-Platinum. This website lists the artist that have won each certification and how many times. The website is very important to me. I finally found out how to go platinum.

500,000 units: Gold album

1,000,000 units: Platinum album

2,000,000 or more units: Multi-Platinum album

10,000,000 units: Diamond album

This source has shown me that I need a great producer. Catchy lyrics. Deep meaning.


"I miss that immersive experience, now people only listen to a few seconds of song on the iPods and they don't really invest in the whole experience. It's all about the single, and the hype. It's so much that gets between the music and the art and the fans. I felt like, I don't want anybody to get the message, when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it's ready and from me to my fans."

— Beyoncé describing her intentions with the unorthodox release of Beyoncé.[32]

This source is a quotes from recording artist Beyoncé Knowles. This quote is Beyoncé’s explanation for her spontaneous release of her fifth album Beyoncé. The reason I am using this quotes as a source is because it reveals her feelings for the music industry and selling process. Beyoncé states that she misses experiencing music being appreciated thoroughly.


You Come First