Joseph tartaglia capstone

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The reason i'm going to use this for my capstone is for understanding of comedy, i've created a way for just about everyone to understand the science behind laughter, and using this method will help us construct better story lines, scripts, and jokes, knowing the a secret to comedy really does improve you're way of thinking and you're understanding of what really makes us laugh. i created this system after a series of times studying the way i react to laughter.

gilly, richard. N.p., 24 08 2003. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. < >.

Now this is a source i'm going to use as an example to the people in the group, i'm going to show them the videos on the website and expand on the information on the videos with our own creative way of writing the stories, using our idea combined with this information on the site/video, will help us improve our way of story writing, because there are stories that are good and stories that are bad, and they are head to know sometimes (especially when you're the one writing it, sometimes you're ego gets in the way and you don't follow the structure, but that doesn't mean all stories have to be the same, all I'm trying to do with this info, is try to make the videos/films move with the story more and more perfectly as we create videos/films

(A website used to give information, nothing specific yet)

To give information about certain movies because this site gets really deep with actors, films, directors, producers, etc. anything to independent films to popular films, Imdb could gives us clips, photos of behind the scenes, and personal pictures that the actors/director puts on the site them self.

(A site used to find people, no information but information on finding people with common interests)

could use this site to find people that are particularly good at one thing involving a movie and use them for that par, (probably going to switch out these types of people ever video, besides people in the main ILP) It's going to help by learning to work with different people, getting people inspired to do it, and make people feel creative changing the way their wired so they can be more confident within themselves.

Scottman, Ron. Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation. Las Angeles: independent, 1999. Print.

Although learning a script is important, it is more important if the actor feels natural saying it, saying the script exactly could make an actor nervous, but giving them the freedom to say what comes natural but get the point across, it can work, but not in all situations, but it's important if they can improv so this book is good with that.

Brigade, Upright. Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual. newyork: newyork times, 2004. Print.

I want to have this as another source of improv because this book has different methods and newer methods to add on to the truth in comedy but i believe that they are both equally important to the independent film group.

Straczynski, J. Michael . The Complete Book of Scriptwriting. Cleveland: penguin, 1997. Print.

This book will help me format a script better and it will show us all different types of writing we could do in that sense, i will also learn more about moving a story forward instead of having a bunch of pointless scenes i could have a really good steady flowing movie. so i don't have to cut out scenes after i shoot them i will just have all good scenes 

 Zemeckis Robert. Back to the future

Movie. 1985. Universal studios


I'm going to make everyone in the group watch back to the future because i believe that it's a perfect movies to the last detail, when it comes to imagery, and scriptwriting and story telling, it has all the elements of a perfect movie, and the group will watch it and i'll explain how the scenes are set up and how there are deeper meaning to great movies.

wilson, Jack. N.p., 4 11 2008. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. < >.

I believe that this site will teach us the right shoots we should use in certain scenes wither its a close a medium or whatever, this site will inform us on the shots we could should and shouldn't use. as opposed to one shot scenes which won't make the movie interesting. and more theatrical. 

jake, shmitt. "information please camera shots." camera shots. N.p., 7 4 2011. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <Pearson Education>.

I believe it is very important that we get a better understanding on the sounds and audio parts of the editing process, the audio is very important, i could make, or break you're film, and if you are sloppy with it, no matter how good the camera shots are, all together the film will be bad, so we must study this more