Josh Berg's Home Network


​My home LAN consists of my Airport connecting to all of our devices. the devices connected include: My mother's phone, our computers, and an Ipod. These devices are the ones that make up my overall home-network and the chart you see before you.

I learned just how much more complicated it is than what I may have thought. There are a lot of different factors that go into in the long run, having working internet. I think that many people do not know how there internet works and why it works. It is difficult to appreciate something you don't know about. It is also important to be knowledgeable yourself so you may inform others and spread the knowledge about. This way we can all reach a higher plane of knowing and existence. 

I think that people should take the time to learn about their home networks so that they can appreciate them fully. I was not aware of how much goes into it and I think knowing more about it made em appreciate that I have it more. The internet is a great tool that is important to know about in a more logistical manner.