Jueni Austin Capstone -21

For my capstone project I chose to make a small parody film about what goes on in the mind of a procrastinator. Throughout the year my capstone goal had been changed around a lot, from me wanting to make a full professional film to me just wanting to make something silly and amusing. I decided to take out a small part of the film that I initially scripted since this scene had included both the stereotypes of your average procrastinator while also contradicting some of them. Most procrastinators are seen as lazy and unproductive, so I decided to show said procrastinator being productive despite it not being what the procrastinator initially wanted to do. Throughout the school year it was very difficult to focus on school due to in-home responsibilities, so there were many times when the need to focus on my home responsibilities overpowered school. My film was mostly an opportunity to toy around with premiere since past years I didn’t get much experience with it.

film: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iltO1knBW2U2Ht55H-T8RCBgfuEd35mk/view?usp=sharing


Professional Development Procrastination Perks


Perks of procrastination

Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/3046120/the-five-hidden-benefits-of-procrastination

Cons of Procrastination