Julia Boyer's Benchmark

Click HERE for the benchmark

For this benchmark, I had to take pictures that show evidence of globalization in Philadelphia. Specifically, I went around the city and thought about things I saw everyday when I took the train, or walked to school. I took pictures of them, uploaded them to my wordpress and found interesting sites and graphics about these topics. I'd say the most challenging part of this project was connecting my image to a document or website that showed the topic of globalization. My favorite picture was of the woman waiting for a train because it is the most candid and honest of my pictures, the rest of them seem very posed.

I think that globalization in Philadelphia is similar to that of other large cities in the United States. Naturally, most immigrants and new technology come to the larger cities first creating region-specific impacts. Now that there is more social networking and media, I think that even big cities in other countries are affected by the same topics of globalization as those of the US. By doing this project, I have learned to appreciate the expanse of globalization and how it has affected even the small things in my life. Whether for the good or bad, globalization is all around us.