Julian Makarechi- Capstone

My name is Julian Makarechi, and I am a senior at SLA. For my senior capstone I decided to organize an Ultimate Frisbee tournament with my fellow SLA Varsity captain, Brian Birkmire. This tournament was held in Oaks, PA and Edgley Fields on April 25th & 26th. It was a no brainer for me to incorporate Ultimate in my capstone because it has played a major role in my life, since freshman year.". With the help of my coach/mentor/principal, Chris Lehmann, I was able connect with many vital contacts that helped make my tournament successful. One of the first major steps I took was to create a website that detailed information about my tournament and a spot to register. Once I finalized all the specifics, I was able to announce my tournament at a captains meeting in March. In total, 28 teams signed up,for the 4 available divisions. Throughout the whole project I must have sent hundreds of emails about checks, field layouts, schedules, and team registrations. The two weeks before my event were extremely hectic and stressful because of everything from getting teams registered to creating schedules and laying out the fields. I had to make sure everything was in place, everything from having the right amount of cones for every field, at both locations, to making sure we had parents that could volunteer to bring food to the fields early in the morning were in place. While this project was a stressful because of some setbacks and difficulties, I am very proud of the product that Brian and I came up with. Since I would like to go into sports management, I feel like this tournament taught me a lot and gave me some experience.