Justice for Animals

     Hello! My name is Sarah Son, I attend Science Leadership Academy. My English project, called You and the World, is focused on one important topic, which in my case is animal cruelty. Towards the end of the project, I chose my Agent of Change in order to improve this issue. I had many ideas in mind but I decided to choose two, which are donating money to PSPCA and hanging up posters in my English class. 
In blog post #2 and #3, I introduced my topic, animal cruelty, by researching online and doing my own research, which was an interview that I did with a volunteer at SPCA. If you’d like to listen to the interview, click here! In my original research, I have found out a lot more shocking facts about animal cruelty. The interviewee told me," “... SPCA had raided a home in Frankfurt and we found about 241 cats, pretty much everywhere in the house. Just so you guys know, the limit for animals in Philadelphia you can have in your home at once is 12.” It was crazy to find that out. On the other hand with the online research, there were many charts and graphs I have found that showed different ways animals are abused as well the percentage of what animals are often abused, dogs being found the most abused. You can look at the Commonly Abused Animals here. Also, you can check out the Animal Abuse Classifications in the U.S. here.
     ​My Agent of Change, which is an action was the highlight of the project for me. I was thinking about volunteering at PSPCA but I couldn’t because I was under the age of 18. It made me upset that I couldn’t do so. I had to come up with new ideas and it all popped into my mind when I was speaking to a classmate that had a similar topic. That is when I decided to create posters and hang them around Ms. Giknis’ English room. For the design, I wanted it very simple and something that is eye catching. While looking for some ideas on Google at home, I saw many, many anti-animal cruelty posters that were very powerful to me. It tells me that people in the world actually care about this topic. This is where I found the posters. It gave me some ideas and I would like to thank them for that. The photos on this website do make me sad, but it is the truth and people should open their eyes to see what these poor animals are going through everyday.
    I made four posters and they can be found all around Ms. Giknis’ English room. One is on the door so when people come in and leave, they can take a look at it. Also, I put another poster on the wall next to the little couch. Another place I put my poster was near the trashcan, Ms. Giknis actually suggested this to me! It was a good idea to put the poster there so that when people throw away their trash, they can glance at it. Finally, I put my favorite poster in front of the classroom next to the poster that says “Words Mean Things.” That poster is eye catching, so when people look at that poster, their eyes will feast upon my cute little poster.
Photo of my poster that I put in front of the classroom. There is also a little hashtag that says #stopanimalcruelty
    Instead of doing just one Agent of Change, I decided to do two. After making the posters, I thought about donating money to PSPCA. The money that I donated was from another fundraiser that was for me to go to study abroad in China but because of personal reasons, I had to change my mind. On the website, there are options to where you can donate it to. I decided to donate money ($50) to the option that says, “Where Needed Most.” I think that it was a good decision. I’m quite proud of myself. (If you’d like to donate and help animals, click here!)

Another photo of one of my posters and I! This one can be found hanging on Ms. Giknis' door.

I am glad that we were assigned this project. It taught me a lot about others and it taught me a lot about myself. Instead of being assigned a topic, we had an option to choose one. I am thankful for that because if we were assigned a topic, I learned that I wouldn’t have been as interested if the topic was already chosen for me. I feel like this topic should be spoken more about, that is one reason why I decided to choose animal cruelty as my main topic. Also, I had a connection that I had shared in one of my previous posts. I just hope people will be able to look more into animal abuse and try to do something to stop it. Make a change today!


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