Justin's Descriptive Essay

            SWOOSH!!! I threw it so far it went past the doorframe, into the hallway and made a loud “swooshing” sound. There it went, the baseball gliding and hurling through the air with so much ease that it took the sound of a very evident crash to wake me out of the daze. As usual, something important has broken. However, panic had not yet come to play, as I figured it was only something small, thus easy to hide until I could explain myself. However, as I turned to corner into the hallway facing my parents’ room, the damage was clear, and it stared at me blankly. I looked in horror as a saw the baseball roll on the ground in the room, straight through the broken glass on the door.

            The stylized glass on the double-paneled door only covered the upper panel, however, I soon realized that now, nothing covered that top panel, and that all of the pieces of the glass were scattered amongst the floor. Being one whose been in situations like these many times over many years, I knew that panic was inevitable, yet useless, and so as quickly as I could, I ran downstairs in order to acquire a broom and dustpan to clean the mess. Once I got to stairs, however, I saw my older brother was briskly coming up, curious to inspect what was going on. “No use in stopping him,” I thought. “I’ll just be wasting time.” So, we passed each other on the staircase as I continued on my mission.