K8 ME Slide

ME Slide

I made the slide the way it is because at a quick glance you can understand some things about me, and it is also visually appealing. I worked with a program to form words into an image, in this case a cube. I picked a cube because cubes are equal on all sides, and I think my personality is pretty balanced in its aspects like a cube. Also I made certain words bigger that represented some of my history and culture, such as myself, jewish, massachusetts, and SLA so that even if people can only look at it at a glance they can still get some idea of me. All of the words I picked represents some part of me and together they say who I am. Being Jewish is a big part of my culture, even though I’m also agnostic I still celebrate a lot of the holidays and had a bat mitzvah. I was born in Massachusetts and it’s one of my favorite places, I love the sports teams and the cities.

For the design I tried to use a lot of the suggestions from the articles. I chose the color palette specifically so it would be bright and pop out from the dark black background, I thought the contrast would look nice.Also the contrast would help you read the text. I made the text as big and used it as a main part of the design because then you can read it easily and it maintains the simple design of one point per slide. I also tried to make sure the slide wasn’t crowded, I made a simple design and didn’t make it too big. One big aspect I tried to do was to create a simple and elegant design that showed me. I feel like this slide fills my wishes.