Kammii's Second Quarter Art

So in the second quarter my main goal was to basically "go with the flow". In this second quarter, for my art project I decided to just express out all the things that I couldn't seem to say properly with words. For this second quarter, I wanted to just take the essence of me and plaster it out onto a canvas, paper, or what ever else I could find. So Here's a series of pictures that I did and a little background behind a few of them.


Laying in my bed one night during the quarter I had this horrid feeling inside and I couldn't figure out what it was. A friend of mine name Chuck was trying to help me find the words for it but nothing he suggested helped. In the end, i came up with the idea to draw what I was feeling. So i did. I placed my pencil down and then just the feeling that I had stuck on me be conveyed through my pencil's tip. Sense then, every time I have a feeling i can't describe in words, I write it out. 

So December 26th was one of my best friend's birthday. As a present i brought a giant foam board and drew a picture for her. Over the time we've been friends i noticed that when ever I started to draw something around her, she usually ended up taking it and finishing it for me. So with this board I intentionally left things uncolored and left certain lines untraced over so that she could finish it and then she'd have something big and pretty that we made together. The reason this is here is because my best friend has been such a huge impact on me and this picture was meant to represent are bond. 

Up until about a month ago, all the pictures I've taken of myself have been awkward or my hand has been covering a part of my face due to insecurities but I finally managed to take a picture of my face that I liked. I did a little softening and added a border on a photo editing program i have called photo scape and was very pleased with the end result. 
This picture is kind of simple. I was watching the movie called "Happy Feet" and I kept wondering what I would look like as a penguin. So I drew myself as a flightless bird.